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Tyler accompanied by his husky Mukka and a daycare dog named Guiness.


Tyler Melnike is the owner and head trainer of MNM K9. With over six years of experience in the dog industry, he is able to work with a variety of dogs and diagnose and treat any issues they may have. Growing up in a family that always had a dog, Tyler knew from a young age that he wanted to work with animals when he grew up. Tyler has raised and trained all four of his Siberian Huskies that he currently owns. When he is not busy working with dogs or helping clients, Tyler enjoys spending his time going for trail rides and hikes with his pack and reading up on new training methods.


Mukka was the pup that started it all for MNM K9. He had the highest level of training out of our pack, and was trained in advanced obedience, advanced agility, search and rescue, film work, and service work. Mukka fathered our first litter with Nymeria. He loved every dog and human he met and was always ready to greet you upon your arrival to our home. Unfortunately, Mukka passed away in April 2019. We thank him for everything he taught us.

an orange siberian husky lying down playing with a toy smiling at the camera.
a candid photo of a typical looking siberian husky with black and white fur with an arctic-like background.


Nymeria is our five year old girl, who has mothered both litters of puppies. She has had two litters that each produced eight beautiful pups. Nymeria is an incredibily laid back girl, that loves a good belly rub, or ear scratch. Nymeria is trained in basic obedience, search and rescue, and agility. Nymeria is currently active in our breeding program.


Fenrir is our two year old stud. He is pure white in colour with the brightest of blue eyes. Fenrir has a passion for eating as many socks as he can get his paws on, and loves to go for a good trail run. Fenrir is trained is basic obedience, sled running and bikejoring. He has fathered a litter with Nymeria. Fenrir is currently active in our breeding program.

a beautiful pure white husky with bright blue eyes posing with his tongue out and his ears sticking up.
a before and after picture of Nova as a puppy versus what she looks like now - a white husky with orange/brown spots.


Nova is our three year old girl, who was from Nymeria's first litter with our former stud Mukka. She is a very vocal and talkative husky, and she loves to be the centre of attention. Nova's favourite thing to do is wrestle with all the boys and climb anything she can. Nova is trained in basic obedience, sled running and bikejoring. Nova is currently active in our breeding program.


We at MNM K-9 represent the next generation of the dog industry. We provide a range of services to help owners and their canine partner become what we like to call “ single pack”. To learn to communicate with one another like you never thought was possible. Our goal is to help humans and canines live alongside each other in harmony. We strive to help every canine whether small or big, young or old, find a forever home with a loving family. Check out our Facebook and Instagram for photos!

K-9 Training

K-9 Training

In Home Training

$80 + HST per session



Daily: $25.00

Ten day pass: $200.00



One Night: $60.00

Additional Nights: $30.00

Grooming Packages

Grooming Packages

Bath and Nails: $50

Nail Trim: $10

Dremel: $30

Bath: $40

Face and Feet Trim: $60

De-Shedding: $60


product image of carabiner for dogs



product image of a blue glow collar for dogs

Blue Glow Collar


product image of red glow collar for dogs

Red Glow Collar


product image of a pink glow collar for dogs

Pink Glow Collar


product image of a neon glow collar for dogs

Neon Glow Collar


product image of a Pop and Release Collar for dogs

Pop & Release Collar


product image of a martingale for dogs



product image of a two foot lead for dogs

Two Foot Lead


product image of a small leash for dogs

Small (1/4") Leash


product image of a medium leash for dogs

Medium (1/2") Leash


product image of a large leash for dogs

Large (1") Leash


product image of a recall whistle for dogs

Recall Whistle



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